Let Us Do Your Holiday Baking

We understand that the holiday season can be a busy, stressful time of the year and we want to help!  Are you having trouble coming up with the 'perfect gift'?  Does time feel like  a luxury during the holiday season?  Do you want value for your money?  

IF you want a gift that will leave an impression, then you should consider having Bend Cookie Company do your holiday baking this season.

A Gift They Will Remember

In the land of capitalism everyone has something to sell, and during the holiday season this is especially true.  Well we are no exception, here is what we are selling you.

  • 1.  Time:  We do the heavy lifting and free time up for you to focus on other matters that you are busy with during the holidays.  This is what we do for a living, let us bake something amazing for you & put it in beautiful holiday packaging - and then you take all the credit!  That is what we are here for!!

  • 2.  Value:  This is as close as it gets these days to a 'real thing' - you are not paying for branding or marketing or packaging or salesy promo stuff - this is real scratch baking made from real ingredients and loving sets of hands.  And sweat, don't forget the sweat.

  • 3.  Perfect Gift:  I don't know how to say this without it coming off braggadocious - so I will just say it -  your family and friends and business clients will LOVE receiving a fresh-baked, beautifully decorated and packaged, holiday themed, gift basket full of holiday cookies and other sweet treats from YOU!

Holiday Baking Gifts

Business Gift Trays


Want to stand out from the crowd?  Say Thank You to your customers with a gift of fresh-baked cookies and sweet goods. 

We offer several ways to include your brand in the gift, offering a high quality, handmade gift along side your brand message.

Holiday Gift Baskets


This is a big basket of baked goods!!

Do not order unless you love sweet, delicious, yummy, fresh-baked cookies and pastries.

Warning!  We use flour, sugar, honey, molasses, eggs, butter, salt, nuts, chocolate, and other REAL ingredients .

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Custom Designed Baskets


Each holiday gift basket is custom designed to your preferences.

We have a wide range of cookies, holiday cookies and seasonal items, and fresh-baked pastries from which to choose.

We also offer fresh roasted coffee, made in-house.

Limited Availability


We are gettin' a little older and moving a little slower - so we simply run out of time in the day to get things baked, cooled, packaged, and out the door.  

We hope you understand and will get your orders in early so that we can guarantee you a spot on the bakery schedule. 

Not on the schedule?  No guarantees!

Holiday Bows


Each of our Holiday Gifts includes a beautiful, hand-made holiday bow at no additional cost.  

Why?  Cuz its the holiday season and every gift needs a big audacious holiday bow, that's cuz.

How to Order?


Give us a call at 541-977-9177

Email at gina.bendcookie@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BendCookieCompany