Pre-Order Holiday Gift Baskets

We are taking deposits for our holiday gift baskets.  Each year we have a limited amount of time to get it all baked and out the door - by reserving your order today you help us serve as many customers as possible. 

To place your 50% deposit ($75.00) and reserve your Avalanche Holiday Gift Basket click the button below, or continue reading for more information.

Pre-Order Deposit Now

Avalanche Gift Basket - $150.00

We call it the Avalanche because its overflowing with delicious baked goods.

...get it?

Ok, we named our cookie business in bend, Bend Cookie Co. - give us a break, we bake!

Let me tell you about this Avalanche of a gift basket.  We've crammed this thing full of delicious baked goodness and it might just be a crime to sell it for so little money.

But before I tell you all of the great things that we put into each basket, just like the image to the right - I want to share with you what you dont see in the photo.

1.  We have more than 20 different items that are available to put into each gift basket, both items you see here and other items not shown in photo. 

You can mix and match items based on personal taste preferences or allergy issues, etc.  Many of the items can be customized in some way to reflect either your business brand or in a manner to show the extra thought that you put into the gift, a small note for example .  We try and accomodate where we can.

2.  Each basket is shrunk wrapped, then covered in cellophane & tied with one of our beautiful handmade seasonal bows.  

We don't show it here because we could not get a good photo of it, we are not very good at photography or naming things apparently.  I can tell you it looks phenomenal.

Why We Are Different, It Matters.

This is as close to the production source as possible, you know who is making your food, many of you by first name, and we thank you for supporting a local business.  But we do ship nationally [winky wink]

If the sights and smells of fresh baked breads and cookies gives you fond memories, then we might just having something that hits the spot!

Everything we make is from scratch - which means we do not used pre-made bagged product with fillers and un-pronounceables  - which means we can eliminate as much 'junk' from our products as possible.

We use fresh eggs in all of our products, we hand crack eggs at the bakery each day for our cookies, scones,  and quick breads. 

Its now going on 9 years that Bend Cookie Co. began baking and delivering  gourmet cookies to our customers throughout Central Oregon, and from day one all of our sweet goods were made with real ingredients; hand cracked eggs, real butter, premium nuts and chocolates.  We fresh roast our own coffee.

Who Does These Things Any More?

Ok, so here is the hard pitch if you have read this far without already pre-ordering your Avalanche Gift Basket from Bend Cookie Company this holiday season (told u it would be a hard sell)

Want a gift that will make an impact? Looking  for a high quality gift in a sea of ordinary? 

Each basket is baked to order and delivered fresh. Each basket is packed full of our best cookies, brownies, quick breads, and the finest coffees.

I welcome you to compare the value you receive from our gift baskets and anyone else out there selling something similar this holiday season.  I am charging you about $.60 an ounce on average for the product and a little extra for packaging and labor to put it all together.  I guess they do the same, it just costs from 3 to 7 times more expensive for some reason.  Hmmm.

And really the best part is that each Avalanche Gift Basket comes beautifully wrapped with holiday colors and tied with a handmade bow. 

It looks festive.  It tastes delicious.  Really what's not to love.

Thanks so much for showing your interest in our products, it really does mean everything to us.

Happy Holidays 2018

Sean, Gina, Grant, Genevieve, Sophie (they told me to add the dog, the dog does not work in the bakery)


Pre-Order Holiday Gift Basket - 50% Deposit


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

The baskets are $150.00 which includes delivery to a local address.  It is not likely we will be delivering to some remote spot in the middle of winter.

Your $75.00 deposit today which reserves you a gift basket, and then the balance is owed when you finalize the details of your order.

Just give me a call if you have questions and we can work it all out for you.

- Gina 541-977-9177