Welcome Pumpkin Bread Lovers

Every year I challenge myself to create a new bakery product; develop the recipe, taste test, create packaging and label, and market product.  This year I did not want to mess with 'retail packaging' and wanted to get away from cookies and try something that had more of a traditional holiday feel.

I love quick breads I do declare, and I ate more than my fair share of the pumpkin and zucchini breads my grandmother would make for grandpa Mac and I.  I loved all her baking, but her quick breads have an extra special  spot in my heart.

So here is what i am thinking...

I would like to bake a large quantity of pumpkin breads at one time.  This will help us keep our costs down and improve the quality.  

In order to do this, however, I need someplace or somebody to sell my finished loaves.  And that is where you can help me...

Leave me you email address below, and your phone if you prefer, and when I have plans to bake a big batch of grandma's pumpkin bread I will email you further info. about how you can purchase loaves & when they will be available for pickup.   How does that sound?

Pumpkin Lovers Alert Hotline


Pumpkin Bread - 24oz


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Pumpkin Bread - 24oz


Pumpkin Mini Loaves - 10oz


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Pumpkin Mini Loaves - 10oz

Let Me Show You What I Am Making

Copy of Recipe


Here is a pix of my recipe book and you can see the ingredients we will use.

Real Butter

Butter Blocks

We aren't playing around here, if I can put butter in it I will.  It may cost a little more and take a little more time than oil, but I prefer the taste and texture in my quick breads - plus, that's how grandma did it.

Real Eggs


We use fresh eggs in all of our products as well, we hand crack eggs at the bakery each day for our cookies, scones,   and quick breads.

Mini Loaves


Our Mini Loaves weigh approx. 10 oz and are baked and served in a tin.

If you order a few of them from us we can add a decorative bag and twist-tie closure for no additional cost.  This is a great option for giving as gifts or another formal event, otherwise just take them home at eat.

Full Loaves


The Full Loaves weigh approx 24 oz.  We bake these fresh to order in our commercial bakery pans and then package them in a stay fresh inner liner with a festive outer bag



Full Loaves = $12.00

Mini Loaves = $5.00

I would normally price these at $15 & $6 respectively, but I've dropped the price to hopefully raise some volume.  

These are both a great value for you and your family.